Almost forever.

 If a picture was a sound what would it be like?

If a little black dot on your kitchen table could talk what would it speak of?

When  Anton was 20 years old, he started studying photography on the University of Fine Arts in Vienna.  He really enjoyed this time, but after 2 years he made the decision to open  his own photostudio and since them he works as a freelance photographer.

Today he has plenty of clients and great references. His work is distinguished by beautiful light in combination with subtly chosen perspectives and his talent to catch the right moment. Anton always want to show the uniqueness within each subject. He is able to interpret clients wishes, enhancing and performing their needs, always ensuring to surpass expectations. Youthful in his approach, energetic in execution and creative in his ideas Anton tackles each brief with full enthusiasm and passion. With a camera he truly comes alive.

Frenk Lebel, Songwriter, Vienna, Sept. 2011